June 3, 2021

Take 27 - Show creator Melissa London Hilfers, Monarch

Take 27 - Show creator Melissa London Hilfers, Monarch
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We talk to lawyer-turned-writer Melissa London Hilfers. She talks about her transition from attorney to entertainment, what her old colleagues think of her new role (and how they are easily impressed by celebrity namedropping) and the sense of achievement she gets from her creative work.
In painful detail, she walks us through the time another writer told her he wanted to do a 'page one' rewrite of her script and how she circled around Los Angeles in an uber crying.
She describes writing her first script with a baby on her lap, managing family expectations and the pride in creating a show.
Melissa talks about some of the issues in Hollywood for a female writer, how her former career gives her the strength to stand up for herself and others and also how she is making sure she is running her room right.
An inspirational story (with a few tears) of making the move to Hollywood and making it work.