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Great and necessary!!!

Fills a niche much needed in screenwriting podcasts—a dose of reality & transparency mixed with inspiration to stay resilient and succeed. Amazing show, should be on every writer’s list!

I was a fan before I was a guest.

Stories of failure and adversity might sound anxiety inducing but if you’re a writer, they can actually be comforting and even inspiring. Dan and Noah have tapped into a much needed niche here. Full disclosure, I was a guest, but before that, I was a fan. Highly recommended.

Great Show!

Thanks for putting this together, Noah and Dan! My gateway episode was the Jeffrey Lieber interview. Fascinating. Planning to jump back to the beginning and listen to them all + counting this as therapy. Thanks again! - Matt O’Neill

Painfully insightful and delightfully candid

When I came across Noah’s Twitter account and saw the podcast about screenwriting failures I thought to myself “as if anyone would share their real failures with us laypeople”. I stand corrected! Not only Dan and Noah have amazingly honest, informative and entertaining guests but their questions an…

Painfully insightful and delightfully candid

When I came across Noah’s Twitter account and saw the podcast about screenwriting failures I thought to myself “as if anyone would share their real failures with us laypeople”. I stand corrected! Not only Dan and Noah have amazingly honest, informative and entertaining guests but their questions an…

Great listen

Highly encourage everyone to listen to this podcast as it is entertaining and eye opening!

Awesome pod

Noah and Dan are great hosts and have wonderful guests. Truly informative and a unique perspective - focusing on the failures of the business, which helps all writers remember that failure is part of the process. It’s quickly become my fav screenwriting podcast! You won’t regret it.

Essential listening for fans, pros, & those who want to go pro

Grateful for this podcast that pops the hood & shows how things really work. Always excited to see a new episode announced. Liked, subscribed, would buy a coffee mug. 📺🎥👍

This is my favorite podcast out of all the podcasts

There's only one podcast that I listen to every week without fail, and it's this one. Noah and Dan do an amazing job interviewing each guest to bring out the best, funniest, most helpful stories. They're also a lot of fun, and the balance of having Dan (who doesn't have much experience in Hollywood…

Great, insightful show

As a Hollywood wannabe myself, this show brings great insight into the art, craft and business of screenwriting - and more! Anyone who cares about the industry should check it out!

A must listen!

Lots of podcasts out there about “the business.” It’s easy to focus on the shiny ups, but there are more ugly downs - them’s the breaks - and Screaming into the Hollywood Abyss dives into the realities of the business, and manages to turn those losses into wins. The takeaway from each episode is al…

Worth a listen

The podcast is fantastic and gives insight into the world of being a writer. Constant rejection and despair, but it always ends with hope and makes me feel like I’m not alone in the profession I have chosen. Fantastic guests and something every aspiring writer should listen to.

You Have to Fail

Earlier this year on a podcast Jerry Seinfeld was asked if he could go back and change one thing about his career, what would it be? He said he would keep the failures. The failures made him. You have to fail. That is the premise of this excellent podcast. Great guests talk about how their failur…

Big Fan

I met Noah over Twitter, going back & forth about Charlie Kaufman, and he’s a genuinely good guy. I saw the link to the podcast in his bio. Click. Wow. A document of the rarest sort - The truth about what nobody wants to say or hear regarding the ins & many outs of being a creator in Hollywood. A…

The other side of Hollywood success

Hollywood is the only industry where Failure is the default. Each episode dives into the pile of un-produced scripts and mounds of rejection letters that eventually build up to success. It’s the most real talk about the industry you’ll get.

A new must-listen in the "Pro Writers Host Podcasts" category

This has quickly become a must-listen for anyone who's interested in being a pro writer or who just likes real, pragmatic stories about the behind-the-scenes life in Hollywood. It's focused specifically on people's rejections and failures, and it's s till a wildly entertaining listen. Noah Evslin, …

Great show!

It always makes me feel better. Please have more comedy writers, please.

Compelling show

Fascinating podcast on what it takes to work in Hollywood and how to deal with rejection. Worthwhile listen for anybody interested in film.

Love it.

I’m not even in the industry and I’m loving this podcast. The hosts are amusing to listen to and the guests have been fascinating. Love it!

This is different than most screenwriting Q

They cover topics like how a writer’s quote doesn’t necessarily go up and managing finances when you’re basically a full time independent contractor. There’s not really discussion about craft which is actually good because there’s enough info about that out there

Gold In Word Form

I’m not a huge podcast person, but this one is so relatable and easy to listen to. The guests are respectable and candid. The interviewers do a great job listening. Although the audio isn’t always the quality of more produced shows, the content and encouragement and stories of struggle make it wort…

My new favorite Hollywood industry podcast!

Noah and Dan are great hosts that let their guests tell it like it is. Their friendly banter lets the guests say such insightful Hollywood gems. I learn a lot while having fun listening to their stories. This is the podcast I didn't know I needed in my life!

Truly Worth the Time

What a smart, clever approach the business of Hollywood. Noah and Dan are terrific hosts who do a terrific job of teasing our reply meaningful stuff from hard-working guests.

Not Just Another One

Essential listening for all writers. Great hosts, great guests, great questions. You would think with the epidemic of screenwriting podcasts and self-proclaimed gurus there wouldn’t be a gap in the market to fill. But this does. I’ve never heard a podcast devoted to talking about failures and rejec…

The kind of screenwriting podcast that MATTERS

There are endless screenwriting podcasts about craft, but this focuses on the important (and far too often overlooked) aspect of mental health. Even the most successful artists feel like failures, and it’s important to talk about that. And it’s tackled in a fun way!

An inspiring podcast about rejection!

Noah and Dan r the real deal! Insightful, clever, and jam packed with stories. A must listen.

Just what we needed

This is a timely and insightful podcast. Great guests, clever questions and the British guy is an amazing host

Just When I Needed It

This show looks to be set out after my own heart. It’s an honest reminder that I’m not alone, and I can’t think of a better time to listen. We all need the encouragement.


Fantastic podcast. Great topic, looks like incredible guests. The British guy is so clever and witty.

Just the podcast I was waiting for!!!

It’s funny. Insightful. That Noah guy is great. Can’t wait for the full-length episodes to drop.